Friday, January 13, 2012

Modesty Motivation - Legalism or Love?

I read an article today about modesty and his point was actually quite similar to something that I have been thinking about lately and actually taught on at church last week. Basically it is this: If, in our dressing modestly or living by any rule, our motivation is anything other than the pleasure and glorification of God, we have completely missed the mark and have fallen dangerously close (if not directly into) legalism.

You can click HERE to read this article. It's worth the time, I believe.
The article is by Jeff Bethke and it is found on his website CHISELSEASON.COM

I also wanted to highlight this paragraph that I believe is more true than I'd like to admit.

In his article, Jeff says:
"Imagine if men were subject to women’s “stumbling block” argument as much as women are to men? Imagine if a woman’s heart was cared for, cherished, and defended with the same tenacity that Christians defend men’s purity? You would certainly hear a lot less sermons about women having to dress a certain way, and more sermons about guys needing to repent of flirty text messages late at night with a girl he has no intention of pursuing. Maybe rather than girl’s having to pass the “skirt test” in the hallway, the teenage boys would have to pass the “text message test” by having their Christian teacher read through them everyday. Imagine that?"

Convicting? Was for me...

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